Who Wants To Name My Reality TV Show AND Win $50 For Doing It*?

*’It’ meaning for naming the show, not the other ‘it.’ I’m not paying you guys $50 to ‘do it.’ Just saying.

Hold onto your panties guys, because here comes a shocker: You should actually see TWO posts from me this week! Crazy, right? From me, the blogger that wasn’t, lol.

I’ll be back this weekend to announce some pnr shifter stuff under J. M. Klaire’s name, but right now I need your help to name a reality TV show.

Here’s another shocker- my next Jenny Klaire book, March Of The Cowboys, hit a snag and is running veeeeery late. Cowboys In January actually published in January. Val-Entwined Cowboys, my February offering to the book gods, came out Mid-March, and my March-intended-title I was just talking about? Yeah… It’ll be live July 10th.

But, if you’re as bad about remembering things as I am, and you want to grab it now, before you forget, it is available as a pre-order. Just click right here, or click on that damn fine-looking cover, and order yours right now.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you click the link (not the cover) it should even open in a different window, so I won’t even go anywhere, I’ll be right here when you get back. (I’m not quite smart enough to figure out how to get the cover’s link to open in a different window, so be forewarned- if you follow him, there’s no telling if you’ll ever make it back here. But, what a way to go.)

Click on the cover to pre-order March’s story now.

Got it? Ok, good. Took you long enough, jeeze. Did you stop for coffee or something?

So, what was I saying? Oh, yeah.

The book won’t be live until July 10th, so to keep you entertained until then, I’ve got a contest for you.

March’s story takes place as she’s competing in a reality TV show. It’s a country music version of a show like The Voice or American Idol, and it needs a cool name. I set up a rafflecopter contest to name it. To enter the contest click here, and tell me what you would name your country-music-singing-themed-reality-TV-show, if you had one.

I’ll look over all of the suggestions, pick the best one, and slap that name into the book in the right spots before the book goes live. (No, it is not publishing so late because I couldn’t think of a good name, I promise.)

The person who submits the name I pick will win a $50 Amazon gift card and will also get a mention in the front of the book.

So, what happens if you enter and then three days later you think of an even better name that you wish you’d submitted instead? That’s OK! You can submit that one, too. As a matter of fact, you can submit a name every day between now and when the contest ends, if you can think of that many cool reality TV show names.

Now, since I’ll actually be looking through all of the submissions and picking the name I like best for the story, there’s no point in submitting the same name over and over every day, as it’s not a random drawing… BUT… I do have one of those going on, too.

At that same link, I also have a second contest you can enter. I’m looking for a few of your favorite romantic country music duets to mention in certain strategic spots in the book, as well.

Anyone who wants to play can click that link and enter once a day, between right this very second and when the contest ends July 10th. Put in either a show name suggestion or your favorite duet, or both. The big $50 Amazon gift card prize will go to whoever suggests the show name I decide to use, but I’ll also be giving away 10 other Amazon gift cards, worth $5 each, and they’ll be randomly drawn by rafflecopter from all the other entries of name suggestions and duet favorites, whether I use them in the book or not. Fun, right?

Click the cover to get this one while it’s on sale!
So feel free to enter every day!

Oh, one more thing. To give you guys something else to read while you’re waiting on March’s story to go live, I do have Menage A Cowboy on sale right now for 99 cents. It’s also in Kindle Unlimited (KU) for those of you who subscribe to that. You can click here to grab it in a new window, or click on the cover instead and take your window chances if you’re done reading all of this.

See you guys again later this week for some paranormal shifter romance stuff from my alter ego author personality. Until then!

Only A Few Days Left To Grab Jenny’s Books For $0.99!

The sexy-as-sin Claimed By The Cowboys $0.99 sale end January 1st, go grab it now before it goes back to full price!

Click the cover to get it at $0.99 for a limited time!
Click the cover to get it at $0.99 for a limited time!
Also, Jenny Klaire’s new release- Cowboys In January- is available for pre-order at $0.99, the price on it will go up to $3.99 sometime in the first week of January, so get your copy while it’s cheap!
Click the cover to pre-order it at $0.99!
Click the cover to pre-order it at $0.99!

Happy Sexy New Year From Jenny Klaire!

So Much Sexy Free Stuff Post-Christmas!

Soooo, I’ve been hard at work getting ready for the new year, setting up pen names wide as KU has gone to the South Pole for me and many others. But, that means much Free-ness for you!
All three names have something big going on, so if you don’t like one genre- keep on scrolling.
JM Klaire is up first with not one but two free books for you guys. No hurry either, both will be free for a good long while. First up- my very first, toe-dipping, PNR shifter short. And it is definitely short, lol. But it’s FREE and it’s fun! It’s quick and sexy and perfect for a fast shot of shifter goodness! The cover sucks ass though, but that’s cause I did it myself.

Click on the cover to get it FREE!
Click on the cover to get it FREE!

Also Free is the series starter to my Alpha Hunted series. It’s longer than Alpha Bitten, but as a prequel it is shorter than the rest of the books in the series. The very last book, the sequel, should be live any minute now, so the full series is done. No long waits between books. Click on the cover, grab Before The Hunt and kick off one long, sweet, sexy, funny and intricate series to keep you warm til New Years!
Before The Hunt goes to an instafreebie link, cause it just dropped out of KU and I haven’t gotten it up anywhere yet.

Ok, onto the next name. My erotic short-stories name, Jamie Klaire, is next. What is she unwrapping for your post-Christmas hangover helper? Caught With The Cowboys! It’s super short, too, but it’s super freaking hot!

Click the cover to get it FREE!
Click the cover to get it FREE!

And last but not least- Jenny Klaire. My newest name doesn’t have enough of a back catalog to give a freebie, BUT Claimed By The Cowboys is on sale. It’s normally $3.99 so grab it now at $0.99 while you still can. It’s not available on Apple/iTunes tho, as they’ve deemed it too hot and refuse to sell it!!!

Click the cover to get it at $0.99 for a limited time!
Click the cover to get it at $0.99 for a limited time!

Jenny has a new release coming very, very soon too, so keep an eye out here for its announcement, or better yet, join her mailing list. You can join all three mailing lists at JKlaireRomance.com.

Open Wide!

So, since I never remember to post in here, like ever, I refuse to have my first post in forever be a bitchy, whiny, ‘Amazon has turned into a shitstorm for me’ post.

Instead, I will post about how excited I am to begin the journey of re-learning how to go wide with my books. What does going wide mean? It means I am slowly pulling my books out of Amazon’s exclusive Kindle Unlimited program.

My stuff will still be sold on Amazon, but those who pay their ten bucks to ‘borrow’ my books in KU soon won’t be able to. But, as an old dog who hates learning new tricks, it’s been kind of hard.


As my older books expire from KU, instead of re-enrolling them I’m re-working them. Updating, slapping a new cover on, and pimping them out to every sales platform that will take me.

What’s the point of this post, you ask? I mean, besides being able to use that cool dog sketch? The point is- my first new trick, wide title is live!! Tada!!

Click To Buy!
Click To Buy!

If you click the cover, and I did it right, you should be taken to a Universal Link where you can choose which retailer you want to give your money to to try my first and only ‘Select Your Own Seduction’ attempt. Warning- do not even try to refer to it as a Ch*ose Y*ur Own Adv*nture book, as the original Ch*ose Y*ur Own Adv*nture people DO NOT APPRECIATE THAT AT ALL! Ask me how I know this, lol.

In addition to actually updating this blog, I even updated the website! I know, right? WWW.JKlaireRomance.com has that same cool, universal link that you should get sent to when you click on my pretty new cover. Which I’ll also just leave right here as well, just in case: Get Choices Here.

I believe it’s still linking stores to it, cause last I checked the only store that you can’t get to from that link is All Romance eBooks. You can get the book at All Romance eBooks, it’s just that you can’t choose them yet from that button. You should be able to soon tho.

How’s all that for new tricks? More tricks coming soon!