Good News/ Bad News

Let’s start off with the good news- ’cause I am so excited.
I applied for and got a bi-monthly blog spot on my favorite erotica blog-

If you guys haven’t checked it out yet- click over there real quick. No wait, not real quick. Wait until you have hours and hours to kill. It’s a great blog. I’m not quite on it yet, my slot is every other Tuesday- starting this upcoming Tues Feb 4th.
Don’t worry, Feb 4th I’ll pop in here and remind ya when it goes live.
So excited to be a part of such a great group of erotica authors.

Ok here’s a good news/bad news split-

The book I’m working on won’t be out this month. I’m having a blast writing it, but it is longer and more involved that I anticipated so it will be out in February. It is going to be my first choose-your-own-adventure erotic romp, and the many options are a blast to write, but I’m not quite finished with it yet.

You know how in some choose-your-owns you have dead ends where things go wrong and you die? Or you can kind of tell there is one ‘right’ way thru the story, even though it’s fun to also explore the ‘wrong’ ways?

Yeah, mine isn’t like that 🙂

Mine is all happy endings, all the time. They are just different. Will you start out as a man or a woman? Each choice leads to totally different adventures, not the same ones written as a man and then as a woman. So far we have some doozies in there, and there should be an adventure for almost everybody. Voyeurs, exhibitionists, public sexers, multi-partner fans, naughty babysitters, and I’m not even done yet!!

My mailing list people are gonna get a surprise when it comes out, so if you are interested- sign up over there on the right side. It says mailing list. I promise it is only used for new releases, sales and freebies. I don’t even do newsletters- that’s what the blog is for.

And to the bad news- my worst sales month yet. I know I still have today and tomorrow but I’m not even close to my average of one title a day. But, I also haven’t released anything new in a while, so…
January’s total title sales is a depressing 25. My worst yet. But that means, hopefully, that I can only go up from here.
And… hopefully my new spot on One Handed Writers will bring me more exposure. We shall see.
Either way it’s already been a blast.


So not high maintenance

I feel snobby and high-maintenance today. Snacking on cheese, crackers, grey poupon and wine. Oh wait- the cheese and crackers came from Brookshires, the grey poupon came from a squeeze bottle- not the chauffeur driven car beside me, and oh yeah- the wine came out of a box. So false alarm.

A nod to the queen- Selena Kitt

I’m brand spanking new to this writing erotica stuff. I admit it freely all over this fledgling blog. That’s actually one of my purposes in writting the blog-to watch the building of an empire (I hope.)
But every newcomer has many that came before. Todays post is a nod to such an author. I’d like to give my readers a quick introduction to the queen of written erotica, at least in my opinion- Selena Kitt
Note- clicking on her highlighted name, or any highlighted text in this post, will take you to the various pages on Amazon. Her name takes you to an overview page showing many of her works. Highlighted words to follow in this post take you to the specific books I mention.
I have read some of her works and have had the pleasure of reading blogs and forums in which she participates, and would just like to say she is an idol of mine.
A few of her works-
*If you like your erotica on the naughty and taboo side, and enjoy both M/F and F/F antics with a plot thrown in for good measure- Forbidden Fruit (New Adult May December Romance) is a fun and hot little read.
*If you like your erotica on the rough and dangerous side, where good eventually wins out, then Hussy may be right up your alley.
*The one I’ve just started reading, and am loving so far is Babysitting for the Baumgartners (The Baumgartners (menage threesome erotica)), and
*The next one I plan on reading is this one, The Sybian Club. Why? Cause I’m curious as hell.

Trying Something New

As a novice, I’m constantly trying out new things. And since I seem to be technologically incompetent I’m not at all sure this is even going to work-
I’m going to try linking my favorite short I’ve written so far here in my blog. Ideally it is for anyone who is interested in a quick link to my work, but honestly, right now it is to see if I can, because I’d like to start reviewing other books and products on this blog with quick links right to the product page. This way if I fail, I’m failing with my own product, so here goes:

Shared On My Husband’s Birthday

Out with the old, In with the new…

Out with the old… Last chance to get ‘Taking My Husband And His Twin’ for free on
I extended the deadline to January 15th, just enter the coupon code CG79Y at checkout to get the erotic short for FREE.

In with the new… ‘Spying On My Roommate’ is now (finally) free on, go check it out. If you prefer- both the banned sister title ‘Spying On My Sister’ and ‘Spying On My Roommate’ are always free on and on, but beware, they are the same story- just written as a roommate or sister story, depending on personal preference. No point in downloading both, unless of course you would just like to help a girl out by making my download numbers rise.

I usually try to release two short stories per month, (Except for December, which I took off. I did release two collections of the taboo stuff on Amazon tho- Totally Twisted Taboo Stories 1 &2) but things are going to be a bit different this month- I’m trying my hand at releasing a ‘choose your own erotic adventure.’ Remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books from childhood? I’m trying one of those with an erotic twist. Since the story will be longer, more complicated, and will involve my learning new-to-me jump-around-in-the-book technology it will be the only title released this month. Wish me luck, I’ll let ya know when it gets released.

Also on the technical side- it is becoming too time consuming to release by-the-title sales info, so from now on I will just be releasing totals- starting now- so hang on for the boring stuff. (Or go download one of my previously mentioned freebies instead, I wouldn’t blame you.)

Recapping 2013
September 43 titles sold
October 33 titles sold
November 43 titles sold- pushing me over my first milestone of 100 titles sold
December 41 titles sold
2013 totals- 160 various short stories/ collections sold.

At aprox $2 profit per title (some a bit more, some a bit less, but $2 is a good average with the various retailers cuts and with collections being a bit pricier) that makes for a personal profit of $320.00. Not sure if that is good or bad, considering I know no other author’s beginning sales, but it is $320 more than I would have had if I didn’t write them. So, it is what it is… Here’s to a new year, with new titles, experiments and the cash rolling in 🙂