Well crap

My first (and prob only) erotic choose your own adventure is out now- but only on Amazon. imageIt seems I have some revamping to do if I want to put it anywhere else. Sites that publish to various retailers, like Smashwords and Draft2Digital, break it up and put it back together so it can be read on different sites, and in order to get all my links to work I have to make them all chapters in a table of contents. So the story would have to be more like: to begin as a man, go to chapter 2, to begin as a woman, go to chapter 3. And sorry folks, but that’s just too much like work, not only for me but for you as my readers.

On Amazon it reads the way I intended it to- touch here to jump there. So I thought maybe direct publishing would get me there. I tried putting it directly on B&N, but every single touch link brings you right back to the beginning instead of jumping to where the story continues, so it was up on their site for maybe a second and a half before I unpublished it. It was supposed to be a fun little lark, not an act of frustration you pay good money to experience.

I was planning on sending everyone on my mailing list a link to it, free, but as it is only on Amazon I can’t. Don’t ask why- its a dark spiral of weirdness, that Amazon. It took me three days and finally taking the words ‘virgin babysitter’ out of my book description to even get the darn thing published at all. Anyone who is up on the pornocalypse knows why, I won’t rehash it all here. (Google Selena Kitt pornocalypse if you’re dying to know, she covers it well, having named it and all.)

So what is a writer to do? I’m leaving it alone on Amazon. Seriously, when it comes to them, if it ain’t broke, don’t even look at it again, cause it will be. But I was able to break the whole down to six short stories, four of which I am planning on altering to make into PI taboo shorts the second I hit post for this blog, which will give me ten full shorts from the choose-your-own experiment. I plan on releasing one every two weeks, everywhere, giving me a cushion of new material pretty much until July.

What am I going to do with that cushion, you ask? Two things- there is a cool short that has been bugging me- to see what it is and how I got the idea, peek over at Onehandedwriters.com *Here*to see my blog post about it. And two, that gives me time to finish the second book in my other pen name. Curious? Check out my first post on OneHandedWriters… *Here* It’s a cool blog and I am very proud to now be a part of it.

And for my mailing list people, (Its over there on the right hand side, conveniently called mailing list, if you’d like to join.) I plan on sending out free codes to get all 10 shorts on Smash, once they are all up.


My First Time link

Woohoo, I’m a little late letting you know but my first post on OneHandedWriters is right here:

‘My First Time’ on OneHandedWriters

^^It’s kinda hard to see ’cause the link is green but click on it ^^

I get such a kick out of that. When you go look- peek over at the right hand column. See where it says Jamie Klaire beside Tuesday on the week 2 schedule? That’s so fucking cool!