More Free Sex!

My newest title Choices- An Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure is now free on Amazon until Saturday March 8. Free erotica. woohoo!
Also,’s major sale is still running, also through Saturday. Many many discounted and free titles.
Freeeeeeeeeeee porn!!! Ok Jamie, put down the wine. Seriously.

And- my post on is up today. Check it out if you haven’t. It’s a great bunch of sex writers!


Oh So Much Sex!

From now through Saturday is running the huge ‘Read an Ebook Week’ sale. For one week only, deep discounts on thousands of works.

All of my titles are either 50% off, 75% off or free.

Go! Now! Search “Jamie Klaire” and rake in the titles.

Also as an added bonus- My new one Kitchen Capers is free until April 1st on Smashwords with the checkout coupon code:JS57M.

Quick and Boring End of Month Numbers

I had my best month yet this month. But I also made some additions- I put everything up on Draft2Digital and Google Play at the very beginning of February and that is were a lot of my sales came from this month.
25 on Google play
19 on D2D
2 on Nook
25 on Amazon
8 on Smash
For a grand total of 79 titles sold! That beats my previous best month of 43. I sold more on Google Play and D2D than I did on Nook, Amazon and Smash combined. So I’m glad I added my books to the other places, but it is bittersweet. I just had my 4 PI titles pulled from Google play as inappropriate content, and of my 25 sold on Google, only 5 were not PI. So that sucks. That is about to become a trickle, right as I found it. But, I did find a way to play with PI on Amazon. So the one PI I dressed up appropriately for them was my best selling title. All of 8 of the 25 were the one PI title. But rumor has it on Kboards, there is no dressing PI up on Google. So Amazon will take it if it looks pretty, Nook and Smash will take it no matter how it looks, D2D will put it on Nook, but their other 2 won’t take it, and a definite no-no on Google. I swear, every day is an adventure.
I did hit my next milestone of 250 titles sold, woohoo. Next up is 500.

In other news- eBookSoda is going to feature my newest title Choices- An Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure on Tuesday March 4, which is also the day it goes free on Amazon for a five day run.image I’ll post on Tuesday as a reminder that I have a freebie out.

Also- anyone who reads the blog and saw my last post there got to read about how I came up with the idea for another new title, Kitchen Capers. imageIt is free as well, if you get it on Smashwords with the checkout code JS57M.

So, until next time…