Secrets, we all have them.

Things we don’t want anyone else to know.

Things we keep to ourselves, to protect us, to protect others. Big, small, silly, heartbreaking, secrets run the gamut. Some we’d be better off sharing, exposing to the light. Some, not so much.

So what do you do when you need to tell your secret? To someone, anyone? Sometimes just saying it out loud helps. Hearing your own words, aimed at your reflection in the mirror, aimed at a higher power, aimed at the dog.

Sometimes we tell a stranger, which is often so much easier than telling someone we love. Sometimes we tell the whole damn world, by way of the internet, things that the one sitting beside you on the couch still doesn’t know even as you type it beside them.

Secrets about why we read what we read, why we write what we write. Things that almost slip off the tongue, but that are caught instead, and swallowed back down.

When I was young, I wanted the ability to read minds as a super power. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that it wouldn’t be a super power, it would be a curse. Now, I’d pick flying. Sometimes, with the top down on a nice day, the music blaring, driving a bit faster than I should, I come close.

And yet when you come home, windblown, exhilarated, your secret is still a secret, because wherever you go, there you are. Where secrets are told for one week, and then disappear forever. Where some, but not all collect.

I mailed one, once. And I watched the website. It never showed up, maybe the mailman took it home, or I missed the week it sat there, exposed.

Totally unrelated, honestly- Alpha Bitten, my first shifter short, is free through today, Tuesday 10/14, on Amazon.

Free 10/10-10/14
Free 10/10-10/14

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee!

I started this Jamie Klaire pen name in September of 2013, and just did my closing numbers on September 2014. This name is officially a year old!

So, to mark the occasion, I thought I’d post what will probably be my last number post. I haven’t been great about doing them, but I thought I’d mark the end of my first year with them, for prosperity’s sake.

Ok, a full one year recap-
Sept 2013- 43 titles sold
Oct 2013- 33 titles sold
Nov 2013- 43 titles sold
Dec 2013- 41 titles sold
Jan 2014- 29 titles sold
Feb 2014- 79 titles sold
March 2014- 113 titles sold
April 2014- 131 titles sold
May 2014- 293 titles sold
June 2014- 631 titles sold
July 2014- 1513 titles sold (Kindle Unlimited came out mid July)
August 2014- 4168 titles sold
September 2014- 7546 titles sold and my one year anniversary

for a grand one year total of 14,663 titles sold!

Unfortunately, since the roll out of Kindle Unlimited, it is no longer easy math to just take titles sold, multiply by 2, and have my aprox cash amount. Although, since it didnt roll out until mid July, up through July it does still come damn close.

Even though multiplying by 2 is no longer valid for August, September and on, since the Kindle Unlimited program pot is split between all authors in the program, it varies wildy now month to month. But I will say that so far, fingers crossed, it has not dropped under multiplying titles sold by $1.50.

If things continue, I am hoping to quit my other job around the first of the year and become a full-time smut peddler.

Also, another really freaking cool thing that happened in September, during my pen name’s birthday month: due to hooking up with some other fabulous authors and bundling our work together into super cheap bundles, Jamie Klaire hit the top 100 Erotica Authors List on Amazon. So cool! helped make it all happen, sign up with them to get awesome erotica deals daily.