So Pretty!

Iv’e spent today updating my website, and updating this blog. Guys, it’s so cool! I have a randomizing header now! Yeah, I don’t speak computer well, and I’ve had juuuust a couple shots of whiskey, but what that means is that every time you click into or refresh this thing that I really don’t update enough to call a blog- it has a new sexy picture up there on the top. Maybe I’ll actually blog more than once in forever.

(Don’t count on it.)

The website is still in progress, but it looks nicer as well. Yay me!

Ok, down to business. I’ve had a few people ask me here, and by email and facebook, when the newest shifter romance is coming out under my J. M. Klaire name. The answer is- not sure. I just wrapped up a prequel for a Christmas bundle that tells the story of how Sandra & Naythan met, but I don’t have a date yet on Ivy’s story. And between you and me- I’m tempted to play hooky from shifters just for a moment and write a quick cowboy menage. Oh, or maybe I’ll write just a bit of both per day.

Anyway, I’m ducking out of here as another shot of my friend Jameson is beckoning. Soon guys- new sexy stories are coming soon. If I can stop refreshing my own blog to see all the sexy headers.