Open Wide!

So, since I never remember to post in here, like ever, I refuse to have my first post in forever be a bitchy, whiny, ‘Amazon has turned into a shitstorm for me’ post.

Instead, I will post about how excited I am to begin the journey of re-learning how to go wide with my books. What does going wide mean? It means I am slowly pulling my books out of Amazon’s exclusive Kindle Unlimited program.

My stuff will still be sold on Amazon, but those who pay their ten bucks to ‘borrow’ my books in KU soon won’t be able to. But, as an old dog who hates learning new tricks, it’s been kind of hard.


As my older books expire from KU, instead of re-enrolling them I’m re-working them. Updating, slapping a new cover on, and pimping them out to every sales platform that will take me.

What’s the point of this post, you ask? I mean, besides being able to use that cool dog sketch? The point is- my first new trick, wide title is live!! Tada!!

Click To Buy!
Click To Buy!

If you click the cover, and I did it right, you should be taken to a Universal Link where you can choose which retailer you want to give your money to to try my first and only ‘Select Your Own Seduction’ attempt. Warning- do not even try to refer to it as a Ch*ose Y*ur Own Adv*nture book, as the original Ch*ose Y*ur Own Adv*nture people DO NOT APPRECIATE THAT AT ALL! Ask me how I know this, lol.

In addition to actually updating this blog, I even updated the website! I know, right? has that same cool, universal link that you should get sent to when you click on my pretty new cover. Which I’ll also just leave right here as well, just in case: Get Choices Here.

I believe it’s still linking stores to it, cause last I checked the only store that you can’t get to from that link is All Romance eBooks. You can get the book at All Romance eBooks, it’s just that you can’t choose them yet from that button. You should be able to soon tho.

How’s all that for new tricks? More tricks coming soon!