So Much Sexy Free Stuff Post-Christmas!

Soooo, I’ve been hard at work getting ready for the new year, setting up pen names wide as KU has gone to the South Pole for me and many others. But, that means much Free-ness for you!
All three names have something big going on, so if you don’t like one genre- keep on scrolling.
JM Klaire is up first with not one but two free books for you guys. No hurry either, both will be free for a good long while. First up- my very first, toe-dipping, PNR shifter short. And it is definitely short, lol. But it’s FREE and it’s fun! It’s quick and sexy and perfect for a fast shot of shifter goodness! The cover sucks ass though, but that’s cause I did it myself.

Click on the cover to get it FREE!
Click on the cover to get it FREE!

Also Free is the series starter to my Alpha Hunted series. It’s longer than Alpha Bitten, but as a prequel it is shorter than the rest of the books in the series. The very last book, the sequel, should be live any minute now, so the full series is done. No long waits between books. Click on the cover, grab Before The Hunt and kick off one long, sweet, sexy, funny and intricate series to keep you warm til New Years!
Before The Hunt goes to an instafreebie link, cause it just dropped out of KU and I haven’t gotten it up anywhere yet.

Ok, onto the next name. My erotic short-stories name, Jamie Klaire, is next. What is she unwrapping for your post-Christmas hangover helper? Caught With The Cowboys! It’s super short, too, but it’s super freaking hot!

Click the cover to get it FREE!
Click the cover to get it FREE!

And last but not least- Jenny Klaire. My newest name doesn’t have enough of a back catalog to give a freebie, BUT Claimed By The Cowboys is on sale. It’s normally $3.99 so grab it now at $0.99 while you still can. It’s not available on Apple/iTunes tho, as they’ve deemed it too hot and refuse to sell it!!!

Click the cover to get it at $0.99 for a limited time!
Click the cover to get it at $0.99 for a limited time!

Jenny has a new release coming very, very soon too, so keep an eye out here for its announcement, or better yet, join her mailing list. You can join all three mailing lists at


I’m in a hot new bundle!



Wicked alphas reveal their wildest sides in this red-hot collection of short-n-sexy paranormal romance scenes. This limited-edition anthology of 18 ALL-NEW and EXCLUSIVE STORIES features werewolves, dragons, bears, leopards, vampires, cowboys, shifters, and more. There’s no better way to sample the latest works from your favorite authors and discover new must-reads by bestselling authors and exciting up-and-comers in sizzling paranormal romance!

Click the pic of the the bundle to get it on Amazon!

The New Website Is Up And Running

Since I have multiple author personalities, having as my website for Jamie, J. M. and the soon to be alive Jenny Klaire was getting confusing, so introducing….

It looks pretty much just like the old one right now, and I’ll keep them both up for a bit, just in case, but soon will be the only website, just FYI. I even got it linked to show the last few blog posts here, so it’s fancy! (For me. Shut up. I don’t do technology.)

That’s all I’ve got. I hope everyone’s holidays were amazing and that your New Year is everything you want it to be.

So Pretty!

Iv’e spent today updating my website, and updating this blog. Guys, it’s so cool! I have a randomizing header now! Yeah, I don’t speak computer well, and I’ve had juuuust a couple shots of whiskey, but what that means is that every time you click into or refresh this thing that I really don’t update enough to call a blog- it has a new sexy picture up there on the top. Maybe I’ll actually blog more than once in forever.

(Don’t count on it.)

The website is still in progress, but it looks nicer as well. Yay me!

Ok, down to business. I’ve had a few people ask me here, and by email and facebook, when the newest shifter romance is coming out under my J. M. Klaire name. The answer is- not sure. I just wrapped up a prequel for a Christmas bundle that tells the story of how Sandra & Naythan met, but I don’t have a date yet on Ivy’s story. And between you and me- I’m tempted to play hooky from shifters just for a moment and write a quick cowboy menage. Oh, or maybe I’ll write just a bit of both per day.

Anyway, I’m ducking out of here as another shot of my friend Jameson is beckoning. Soon guys- new sexy stories are coming soon. If I can stop refreshing my own blog to see all the sexy headers.

Happy Veteran’s Day

Today is a holiday here in the states. Veteran’s Day.

I’ve heard the occasional person ask what the difference is between Veteran’s Day, today, and Memorial Day, in May.

Both holidays celebrate those brave men and women who serve in the military, but the easiest way I know how to explain the difference is- Memorial Day is a day for remembering fallen military. Whether they died in combat, serving their country, or died peacefully in their beds of old age, many, many moons after serving their country, Memorial Day is for them.

Veteran’s Day is to honor those who are still serving, or who have served, who are still with us.

I’ve always been a bit of a sap when it comes to those willing to lay their life on the line for what they believe. I tried to enlist, even. My scores were great, but it seems no one wanted someone who fainted as easily as I do. What? It’s the south. We’re known for our ‘vapors,’ lol.

As an erotica writer, who deals with what is and isn’t acceptable to publish on various sites, who hears phrases like, ‘freedom of speech’ bandied about daily, this day effects us personally.

We are lucky to have the freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble, the freedom… well, the freedom to do damn near anything.

Look around at the rest of the world.

These are freedoms not everyone has.

These are freedoms men and women, young and old, have fought for. Fought life and limb for. So that among many other things, we can write and read what we want.

Granted, it isn’t perfect. Nothing is. But damn it, we have it a hell of a lot better than some. And it is because of those who have gone before us. Period.

I’m not offering you any free reads today. I’m not going to try to sell you anything today.

I am going to ask though, that you take just a few seconds, left or right, conservative or liberal, for or against military, hell, for or against the USA, and give this holiday a little bit of thought.

Enjoy your day off if you’ve got it. But take a second to think about the why behind the holiday.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a great day. Enjoy your freedoms, they didn’t come cheap.