Blog Virgin

I’m a classy, prim and proper married mother on the outside, and on the inside (and in my younger years) I’m kicked back in tight jeans and a cinched corset, playing poker with one hand and sipping whiskey with the other. A mouth only a sailor would love, a two-step that just won’t quit and a raunchy imagination to top it all off.

I spent many a dark night ‘entertaining myself’ with my own fantasies before I was old enough to know that the good feeling had a name- orgasm, so my vivid imagination came hard and early. Who knew back then that my dark fantasies could be written down and shared with others?

I have discovered the new frontier of writing erotic short stories and selling the ebooks online, and this blog is my attempt to keep my thoughts in order and to log my progress. I plan on being very honest for two reasons: One, that’s just how I roll. Why do this and not be honest about it? My hopes, dreams and sales numbers will be legit, even if my pen name Jamie Klaire is made up. I do have a family to think about. And two, I want to look back on this later as a time capsule of my career- from humble beginnings to multi millionaire. Or to at least hopefully a not-quite-so-starving-artist who will one day be able to quit her day job and write full time. Either way, honesty is the best policy. I’ve often wondered how writers got their starts, this will at least cover mine.

I hope to publish at least two short stories a month to Amazon, Smashwords and Nook. I have a small handful up there now. At the end of the month I will publish on here how many titles are up and how many copies have sold so I can keep track from the very beginning. I’m sure I’ll also announce new releases and my thoughts as I write more stories, but for now this will do as a first blog post. Heading off to see if I can attach this blog to my Amazon Author Page.

Hopefully I’ll pick up a few curious followers along my journey.

Thanks for reading,